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Reply To: Hey…is it mandatory to give viva for DISA?


CA Rajat Agrawal

First your have to pay your fee and enroll for DISA in pqc.icai.org

Then do the eLearning of DISA available on eLearning.icai.org. after completing eLearning you will get option to appear for test there itself. Appear and pass the exam

Then enroll for any of the ISA Professional training batches in PQC portal

There will be three class tests-60marks, 1project-10marks, 1 Viva- 10marks during PT.

You have to score 60% i.e. 48marks to qualify for ISA-ET test.

Then give ISA-Eligibility test

After passing ISA Eligibility Test give  ISA Assessment Test

Overall 48 marks in test project and viva is sufficient to be eligible for ISA Eligibility Test…not required to pass individually test project or viva…

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