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FAFD Research Paper on Investigation of Wire Transfer Fraud.

Title: Investigation of Wire Transfer Fraud: A Forensic Accounting Approach Abstract: Wire transfer fraud has become increasingly prevalent in the …Read More

Profile PhotoProkhata Admin02/07/2023

FAFD Research Paper on Link between NPA and Fraud

Title: An Empirical Examination of the Link between Non-Performing Assets and Fraudulent Activities: A Case-Based Study Abstract: This paper probes …Read More

Profile PhotoProkhata Admin02/07/2023

ISA 3.0 Project Report On Migration to Cloud based ERP Solution

Introduction Introduction Details of Case Study/Project ABC Automobile Ltd. (Auditee) makes luxury buses in south India. It is Well Equipped with …Read More

Profile PhotoProkhata Admin01/05/2023

ISA (Information System Audit) certification course conducted by ICAI

Information System Audit ISA 3.0 DISA (Diploma in Information Systems Audit) is a post-qualification certification course offered by the Institute …Read More

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CAB – Concurrent Audit of Banks Course in Prokhata

About CAB Course Concurrent Audit of Banks (CAB) is a course that provides an understanding of the audit process of …Read More

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