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How I Scored 155 marks in DISA ICAI and How you can do that in 1 week.

I love new technology, my mother used to say you should have become a software engineer instead of a chartered Accountant but I equally love Finance too so I have Merged technology in my CA career.

At the time of my articleship when everyone was running for CA Classes, I took the strange step of joining coding classes in the evening.

It started with PHP then Python, SQL, WordPress Website Development, and Android App Development at the same time I was an expert too in Excel, tally, and other CA-related software

So when I used to get work in my office I was automating that task and used that time to study for CA exams. 

So Now you can Guess my Favorite Subject in CA Final ?

Yes, you thought it right it was ISCA.

I gave both groups of CA Final in Nov 2016 

but unfortunately, I couldn’t pass the 2nd group at that time

 although I secured good marks in ISCA which was part of the 2nd group 

which gave me the confidence for the May 2017 attempt 

where I focused on other subjects and skipped studying ISCA and earned CA credentials.


After Clearing Chartered Accountancy I kept doing Post-Qualification courses related to technology like DISA – Diploma in Information Systems Audit, FAFD – Forensic Accounting & Fraud Detection, etc. While doing these courses I felt there was a lack of quality content in this field that’s why most CA’s are uncomfortable with these courses.

DISA ICAI Marksheet CA Rajat Agrawal

I gave my DISA exam in Dec 2018 and Cleared with good marks but it was a terror reading theory of all the Modules

So I thought of simplifying things for other CA members through Animated Videos, Colorful Charts, Online Quiz Dashboard, etc.

The other biggest problems with these courses are they are very lengthy and CA members are not getting time to study with their other office work.

So I thought of developing DISA Video lectures which will reduce their preparation time from 2-3 months to just 1 week. I also shortlisted important questions in each module which is available in Prokhata.

There are many other such courses in Prokhata through which you can become a Techno Auditor.

Now you must be thinking what is this Prokhata?

How I Scored 155 marks in DISA and How you can do that in 1 week. techno auditors

Prokhata is a community of Techno Auditors 

Professional Khata where All members can upgrade themselves with all the amendments in technology like 

  • 1. Crypto, BlockchainNFT, Metaverse
  • 2. Robotic Process Automation
  • 3. Automated Stock Analysis & Algo Trading.
  • 4. Cyber Security & Certifications, 
  • 5. Advanced Excel, Power BI, Data Analytics Etc.
How I Scored 155 marks in DISA and How you can do that in 1 week Imgae

Taught 10000 + CA Members

Join me in this Tech revolution.