FSSAI Registration (Food License) (Central Registration)


Food license or FSSAI license is granted to all manufacturers, traders, restaurants carrying out any food business which may involve manufacturing or processing. On applying for FSSAI registration, an unique 14-digit licence number is issued which has to be quoted on all food packages. The licence number is also required even if food products are not packaged.

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C Eligibility Consultation
C Filing of Application (Central Registration) with Authority
C Track status of application while processing
C Receipt of Application Code
C Business hours -Expert Support

J Individual manufacturing or trading in food products
J All entities manufacturing or trading in food products
J Online sellers of food products
J Business Turnover is expected to be above Rs. 12 Lakhs

‰ Purchase of Plan
‰ Upload documents
‰ Filing of application
‰ Get Application Code
Estimated Time – 30 days

, Supporting documents (if any)
, Photo Identity proof of promoters
, Business Constitution certificate
, Proof of possession of busienss premises
, List of food products manufactured or processed
, Bank account information

Ø Frequently Asked Questions.
Ø What is Food license or FSSAI Registration?
Ø Food Safety and Standards Authority of India in order to monitor the quality of food products being produced or processed by various food operators has mandated food operators to obtain Food license. All the businesses engaged in food activities are required to apply for different type of food license based on following parameters
Ø Turnover
Ø Scale of business
Ø Type of activity.
Ø What are the different types of FSSAI Registrations?
Ø There are three types of Registrations under FSSAI. Our experts will advise you on the applicable registration based on the government registration criteria. The plan price shall vary according to the registration applied for.
Ø FSSAI Basic registration- Small businesses or startups having annual turnover below Rs.12 lakhs can apply. As operations scale up and turnover reaches Rs. 12 lakh bar, the basic registration will need to be upgraded to state license.
Ø FSSAI State license-Small and Medium business units having annual turnover in the range of Rs.12lakh -20 crores need to apply for State level License.
Ø FSSAI Central license-For large business having annual turnover above Rs.20 crores, applicant need to obtain Central Level License. The same license is applicable where you are you are engaged in import or export of food products or selling goods to government offices.
Ø What are the steps involved in obtaining FSSAI License?
Ø Step 1: FSSAI Form A is filled on FSSAI website and payment is made.
Ø Step 2:After payment has been made successfully, Form B has to be filed along with multiple declarations and resolutions such as board resolution, No Objection Certificate by landowner to establish the identity of business. These are to be drafted by professionals such as Experts and Company Secretaries as the application goes through rigorous vetting by the department.
Ø Step 3: On submission of application along with other documents, a code is generated for provisional registration which is to be quoted during all future correspondence.
Ø Step 4: The application is then reviewed by the department and it may call for additional information or suggest edits. The process takes around 30 to 40 days to get closed and involve follow ups with department before the receipt of licence number. With ProKhata the process can become simple. All you need to do is:
Ø Buy the Plan
Ø Upload documents
Ø Get Application Code
Ø Track status
Ø Obtain FSSAI license
Ø Is there any validity period of the license?
Ø FSSAI License is issued with validity of one to five years in each category that is Basic Registration, State Registration and Central Registration. The license has to be renewed within 30 days before expiry of original license. For renewal too the same plan can be used.
Ø Do i need separate FSSAI Registration if i have two ice cream parlors in the same city?
Ø FSSAI license that is issued is always location specific. If you have multiple business places you need to apply for separate registration for each location.