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GSTR 9 Filing – Topup

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GSTR 9 filing is compulsory for all regular taxpayers under GST. GSTR 9 is consolidated return for the information furnished in monthly/quarterly GST returns during Financial year for every GSTIN

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C GSTR 9 Filing for one GSTIN upto 3000 invoices (only if a basic or premium plan for GSTR 9 is already purchased from ProKhata)
C GST 1 and 3B filing is not included in this plan

‰ Purchase of plan
‰ Tax expert will be assigned
‰ Share the sales purchase data in correct format
‰ Tax expert will share the final filing data before filing to government
‰ Customer approves the numbers
‰ Tax expert to file the return and send confirmation to the c
Estimated Time – 14 days

, GSTIN details
, Sales Purchase date in either government or ProKhata format

Ø Frequently Asked Questions.
Ø Will my GSTR 3B and GSTR 1 be also filed in this plan?
Ø No, for filing GSTR 1 and 3B, you will have to buy a different service plan.
Ø I have not filed my gst returns for a few months. Can you file GSTR 9 without filing GSTR 1 and 3B?
Ø GSTR 9 is a consolidated report of all the gst returns file by you. Unless you have filed all the GSTR of the financial year, you cannot file GSTR 9.
Ø Can GSTR 9 be amended post filing?
Ø No, GSTR 9 once filed cannot be amended, that is why we take the consent of customer before filing. Once you approve, only then our tax expert will file the return.
Ø Who is required to file GSTR-9? Is there a threshold limit of turnover for an exemption to file GSTR-9?
Ø As per Section 44(1) of CGST Act, every registered person shall be required to file GSTR-9. Therefore, irrespective of the turnover, every registered person under GST is required to file GSTR-9.
Ø Who is not required to file GSTR-9?
Ø While every taxpayer must file their GSTR-9 there are a few exceptions to the same:
Ø An Input Service Distributor
Ø Any individual taxable under section 51 (TDS) or section 52 (TCS)
Ø A casual taxable person.
Ø A non-resident taxable person.
Ø What is the Due date of filing GSTR-9?
Ø Section 44(1) of CGST Act states that all registered persons are required to file their annual return on or before 31st December of the year succeeding the financial year in form GSTR-9. For the FY 2019-20, the due date of filing GSTR-9 is 31st December 2020.
Ø What are GST annual returns? Are there any legal requirements for filing the same?
Ø The legal requirement of filing Annual return also called GSTR-9 are as follows: -Every registered person barring a few exceptions, must furnish an annual return for each financial year electronically in Form GSTR-9. -They can either submit it through the common portal ( or through a facilitation centre.
Ø -The annual returns must be filed on or before the 31st day of December following the end of such financial year. -A registered person whose turnover exceeds that of Rs. 2crore any given financial year shall get his accounts audited by a chartered accountant or a cost accountant and submit a copy of the audited annual accounts, and the reconciliation statement.
Ø What are GSTR-9A and GSTR- 9B? And who is required to file these forms?
Ø Both GSTR-9A and GSTR-9B are annual return forms. Suppliers under the composition scheme, as per section 10 of CGST Act, must fill the GSTR-9A form anytime during the relevant financial year. Whereas, GSTR-9B is the annual return for e-commerce providers, taxable under section 52 of the CGST Act, 2017.