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Startup All-in-One Compliance (3 Months)

Original price was: ₹37,499.00.Current price is: ₹29,999.00.

After a business gets registered there is a long list of compliances like maintaining books of accounts, filing Income tax, TDS returns and so on.

C Tax & Accounting
C Preparation of books of accounts (Balance Sheet, P&L, Cash Flow statement)
C Income Tax Returns Filing
C GST Returns
C TDS Returns
C Professional Tax Returns
C Payment of periodic dues (GST Liability, TDS & TCS payment, Advance Tax)
C 1 Year Free Access to ProKhata GST Biz Software (for invoicing)
C Payroll
C Payroll Processing & Reporting (upto 15 employees)
C Provident Fund (PF) Returns
C Employee State Insurance (ESI) Returns
C Company Matters
C Filing of Annual Company Returns
C ROC Compliances (Addition of director, shareholder, appointment of auditor)
C Maintenance of Statutory Registers and Records
C Preparation of Director’s Report and Board Report for Annual General Meeting and Board Meetings
C Assistance with Statutory Audit & Tax Audit of Accounts
C Plan excludes Chartered Account Certification Service, Audits under various laws and one-time registration with government authorities like Trademark, GST Registration, Food License

J Newly setup businesses
J Existing businesses looking to scale up operations and outsourcing services like accounting, payroll, tax planning etc.

‰ Purchase of Plan
‰ Expert Assigned
‰ Monthly Delivery of services
‰ Event-based Compliance
‰ Renewal of Subscription
Estimated Time – 90 days

, The documents needed shall depend on the service you need at a particular point of time. The same shall be communicated to you by our experts based on your requirements.

Ø Frequently Asked Questions.
Ø I have started my textile export business. What other services I will need to run my business?
Ø Apart from the services covered in the plan, you will need below services to name a few, depending upon nature of your operations and specific business needs
Ø Government Registrations under GST
Ø Periodic GST return filing
Ø Other one time registrations like TradeMark, Copyright etc
Ø Talk to our experts or write to us at [email protected] . Our experts will advice you on the next move required.
Ø What are minimum annual compliance applicable for Private Limited Company?
Ø The minimum compliances applicable for a private limited company include
Ø Preparation of books of accounts as per sec 44AA(Balance Sheet, P&L, Expert’sh Flow statement)
Ø Appointment of first Auditor
Ø Statutory Audit of Accounts
Ø Filing of Annual Return & Financial Statements
Ø Preparation of Directors’ Report
Ø Holding Annual General Meeting (once every year by 30th sept)
Ø Board Meetings(1st within 30 days from the date of Incorporation and at least 4 in a calendar year)
Ø Maintenance of Statutory Registers and Records
Ø Income Tax Quarterly Payment of Advance Tax and return filing
Ø Others shall be event based compliances like ROC filing on addition of director to board, increase in authorized capital etc.
Ø I need flexibility in the name of my company. Can I provide multiple names?
Ø Yes, you can provide upto 6 names for your company. We will need to file this application separately. Additional charges of Rs. 1000 will apply. These will not be covered in the current package.
Ø I and my partner are both directors and shareholders in our company. We wish to bring in two additional shareholders as well. Is that covered in the package?
Ø In the current package, we cover upto 2 digital signatures for two directors. For two additional shareholders, you need to secure two additional digital signatures certificates. We offer digital signature certificate – Click hereto purchase digital signature
Ø Our company would like to bring in a foreign citizen as a director. Is this covered in your package?
Ø To bring in additional director, you need to secure digital signature (DSC ).
Ø Click here to purchase digital signature
Ø Only passport of the foreign director is required. In some countries, residency certificate will be provided. These need to be submitted for the application. Any incidental charges here is not covered in the package.
Ø Presently, we have 10 employees in our company but we expect to add more employees in the coming quarter. Will this be covered in my current subscription package?
Ø In the current package, we will only cover services upto 15 employees. Beyond 15 employees, we will charge additional 10% on the current package. Total package value = Rs. 49500 + taxes
Ø If you are currently subscribed to our package and your employee count increases to 35, you will need to pay a differential amount of Rs. 4500 + taxes.
Ø I have subscribed to your services in July 2017 but I need to get my books of account prepared for April – June 2017. Will this be covered in my subscription?
Ø In the current package, We will deliver compliance for the duration of the package. So if you have purchase the package on July 1st, 2017, the compliances applicable in the duration from July 1st 2017 to Sept 30th 2017 will be delivered in the package.
Ø However, if you wish to get services for a prior period, we offer below a la carte packages
Ø Book-Keeping Services
Ø ROC Filing
Ø Company Income Tax Returns
Ø Company TDS Returns
Ø These are one time services and can be purchased separately as per your requirements.
Ø I have subscribed to your services in July 2017. The package will run till Sept’17. Now, my TDS returns for the quarter needs to be filed in Oct 2017. Will this be covered in my subscription?
Ø Since your subscription is from July-Sept 17, the TDS returns for this period will be covered under the same package. Our Expertwill file the return before the deadline
Ø I purchased your package on July 21st, 2017. Since your package is for 3 months, for what period will you offer services?
Ø Since you have purchased the package on July 21st, 2017, we will give you an option to start providing your services either from
Ø From the same day OR
Ø 1st day of the following month or Quarter
Ø Should you choose to avail services from July 21st, 2017, the package will be applicable for 90 days from this date i.e. till Oct 18th, 2017
Ø Should you choose to avail services from Aug 1st 2017, the package will run for 3 months i.e. till Oct 31st 2017
Ø Should you choose to avail services from Oct 1st, 2017, the package will run for one quarter i.e. till Dec 31st, 2017
Ø Note that the services will be delivered only for compliances needed in the same period
Ø Can I try out your services for 2 months?
Ø Our package is for 3 months keeping in mind the amount of work involved in delivering monthly compliances. Should you avail our services only for 2 months, we will not be able to offer any discount on this package.