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Tax Notice Management

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Income Tax Department issues notices on non-compliance with tax law. The reason can be error in filing original return, non or short payment of tax, non filing or late filing of return among others.

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C Covers notices under Sections 139(9),143(1)
C Validate Notice using ProKhata software
C Expert Advisory on notice response
C Documented Follow-up
C Business hours -Expert Support
C Revised Return Filing for notice received under Sections 139(9), 143(1)

J Any individual assessee who has received any notice under the Income Tax Act. .

‰ Purchase of plan
‰ Upload documents on vault
‰ ProKhata Tax Expert Alloted
‰ Advisory on response
Estimated Time – 5 days

, Tax Notice
, Form 16 from your company
, Form 26AS Tax Credit Statement
, Copy of tax challan (if paid)
, Supporting documents (if any)

Ø Frequently Asked Questions.
Ø I received a notice from department under section 143(1). What should i do?
Ø Under Section 143(1) the tax department completes the assessment based on the return filed by you. It is an Income Tax Intimation telling you how your income tax return has been processed by the CPC, Bangalore.
Ø Such intimation usually contains the following:
Ø a notice of demand (or)
Ø a refund notice(or)
Ø a statement showing a no refund – no liability state where all your income reported is equal to the income assessed by the Income Tax Department.
Ø The department here checks
Ø The arithmetical errors in the return or
Ø Any incorrect claim made.
Ø If there is any error found by the system, you need to respond accordingly. Our experts will help you understand the issue raised by department and respond to notices under other sections too such as 139(9),143(1),143(2), 154, 156 etc of the Income Tax Act.
Ø I received a notice from the department under section 139(9).How to respond to the intimation?
Ø After having filed ITR many people receive notice from the department saying , Defective return u/s 139(9).This happens when some information is missing, there is a mistake. This means that the return filed is defective. Our experts will help you understand the issue raised and advise you on right course of action.
Ø MyExperthas advised me to file rectified return as response to notice issued by the department? How to file the return?
Ø This plan is designed to help you understand the issue in the notice raised by the tax department. The expert will help you validate the notice and advise you on next step to be taken. In case if you need to file any return or rectified return as response to notice received, our customer support will help you choose the right Expertassisted tax return filing plan based on your Expert’se.
Ø Do I need to pay additional tax as demanded?
Ø In most Expert’ses the notice is raised on account of mismatch between tax payable as per department and tax actually paid. Our experts will help you compute the correct tax liability and pay(if any) or claim refund as applicable.
Ø Do I need to be present during the process?
Ø The notice management is a fully online process. The advisory on response to the notice will be carried out online without you having to be physically present during the process.
Ø In certain assessment Expert’ses you need to be present in front of the Assessing officer. Our experts will only guide you how to go about such Expert’ses and shall not be present on your behalf. Incase you need local assistance then we shall try to connect you to one of our elite member tax expert upon his availability. The Charges shall be paid to the consultant and shall not form part of the plan .
Ø Who are the tax experts who will be looking after my Expert’se?
Ø ProKhata has been ranked as the best tax website and trusted by over 1 million+ Indians who have been doing their taxes on the platform. ProKhata taps into its wide network of over 2000 Experts who bring years of experience in handling tax assessment Expert’ses and helping become tax compliant. Once you upload the notice, an expert will be assigned to your Expert’se. Share the documents as communicated and get your dedicated Expertwho will provide you online support on steps to be undertaken or actionables.
Ø For Notice received for Financial year 2015-16, what documents should i keep ready to avail the service?
Ø Apart from the documents listed above, following information needs to be shared:
Ø All Bank Balance as at March 31 2016
Ø Estimated Expert’sh as on March 31 2016
Ø Details of Assets as on March 31 2016
Ø Details of Investments (Cost ) as on March 31 2016
Ø Details of Outstanding Loans granted as on March 31 2016
Ø Details of Outstanding Loans received as on March 31 2016
Ø Details on any liability existing as on March 31 2016
Ø How is ProKhata Notice Management service better than service provided by other online/offline support available?
Ø ProKhata has been ranked as the best tax website because of its unique tools and solutions. The aim is to simplify the financial lives of people. Key features:
Ø Automatically identify issues in your notice using ProKhata Notice Parser
Ø Completely Online process-Upload Notice, share Documents and get Expert Assistance
Ø Wide Network of Expert Tax Advisors