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Can anyone suggest me best DISA 3.0 study material.

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      Guest User

      Best study material for ISA 3.0 ICAI exams??

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      CA Rajat Agrawal

      Refer institute modules itself, no other book required. My lectures are also based on these modules only.

      Click on the following links for disa icai study materials for DISA 3.0:

      Module 1     ISA process

      Module 2    Governance and Management of Enterprise Information Technology, Risk Management, Compliance &                        BCM Section

      Module 3     System Development, Acquisition, Implementation and Maintenance Application System Audit

      Module 4      Information Systems Operations and Management

      Module 5      Protection of Information Assets

      Module 6     Emerging Technologies

      Lab manuals & case studies

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      Guest User

      Is there any study material for ISA E-leaning test?

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      CA Rajat Agrawal

      Members enrolled in ISA 2.0 course can refer to Part-1 of their Module 1 (which can also be called as Module 1.1 for better understanding) for e-learning test of DISA ICAI course.

      For members enrolled in ISA 3.0,no such material is available for e-learning test . However they can refer to Module 1.1 of ISA 2.0 as mentioned above(  which can also be called as Module 0 for better understanding.)


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      Guest User

      Are there any question bank available for  DISA ICAI exam ?

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      CA Rajat Agrawal

      In Prokhata now we have *5000* unique questions of DISA and CISA.

      In DISA I have selected *2000* around questions which is available in your dashboard after purchase
      They are arranged *module wise and with explanation*

      I have been researching on all the questions/topics from 5 years. So that you can prepare with *quality content* .
      Just watch 1 module lecture and solve that module questions. I have covered *100% of module content* in lectures so that you can *save your time* .This study pattern is now tested with *1000s of members.*

      I want every member to *pass* this last attempt of DISA 2.0 AT Exam to be held on *9th July 22*

      Ease your preparation with the help of *Video lectures, Charts and Selected Question Answers.*

      *Buy Full Course* at a highly discounted price by applying Coupon ‘ *RAJAT40* ‘ from *https://prokhata.com/product/disa*

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      Guest User

      Should we refer to Himang Doshi’s book for DISA 3.0 exam?

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      CA Rajat Agrawal

      No , Himang Doshi book is outdated for DISA 3.0 exams

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