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Strategy to Clear DISA ICAI in first Attempt

Only Qualified Chartered Accountants who are members of ICAI can do DISA ICAI course which is a Post qualification course.

Time management becomes the biggest issue for members. Generally, Chartered Accountants have a very hectic schedule, and then taking out time for preparation for DISA exams, is very hard to do.

How to Study for DISA ICAI in less time ?

Don’t worry, Prokhata is here to solve this problem of yours. We have everything sorted for you related to your DISA exams. From DISA E-learning to DISA AT exams we have everything which will help you with your preparations.

So firstly, get our DISA course package from designed to support you throughout your DISA journey.

Information Systems Audit (ISA 3.0) – Video Lectures & Question Bank

Course consist of : Video Lectures, Chartbook & DISA Question Bank

  • Video lectures that cover the complete course of ISA 3.0 in just 39 hours.
  • Colorful chartbook to get a full overview of DISA ICAI course syllabus.
  • Module wise question-bank which contains two types of questions:

1. Normal question (Difficulty level: Normal)

2. Mock test papers ( Difficulty level: Hard)

With the help of DISA ICAI Chartbook, have a review of complete DISA ICAI syllabus which you have to study for more clarity. This chartbook will help you to understand what course demands from you & what level of preparation you have to do.

ISA 3.0 Question Bank

Topic Wise and Module Wise Online Quiz

ISA 3.0 Study Material

E-Book Contains All 6 Modules in just 92 pages

Then, start watching our video lectures & keep modules provided by ICAI with you while watching the videos. These lectures will help you to understand each and every concept easily and will save your time. The total duration of video lectures is 39 hours. The bifurcation of time for every module is shown in the below image:

DISA ICAI Video lecture and Chartbook strategy to clear disa exam in first attampt

Note: Module 0 is not provided by ICAI for DISA 3.0, so you can refer Module 1(First part) of DISA 2.0 course for module 0 lectures

Question Bank

Complete all the modules one by one and solve respective module-wise question bank after each module you complete. 

There are total 1637 questions available in our ISA 3.0 Question bank. So if on an average it takes one minute to solve one question, it will take a total of 1637 minutes i.e. 27 hours approx. to solve all the questions.

DISA Mocktest Free

So that means 39 hours of lectures & 27 hours for question bank, it will only take 66 hours to complete the preparations for your DISA Exams. 

So if you just give 2 to 2.5 hours daily towards preparations for this course, it will take just one month for you to get ready for your DISA Exams.

Alternatively, you can give 8 to 9 hours per day for 4 weekends (one month).

Also, if possible, take a leave for 1 week before your DISA 3.0 exams from your work and give 9 to 10 hours a day.

Features of our ISA 3.0 Mock Test Papers

  • In our question bank, we have provided largest module-wise question bank for ISA 3.0 for better preparations for your exams.  
  • These are the only ISA 3.0 Mock Test Papers available in market for DISA 3.0 which is designed module-wise.

There is no limit on the number of times you want to solve the question bank.

You can also track your progress by clicking on the dashboard menu on our website

  • Auto evaluate your mock test & track your progress in my quizzes
  • Bookmark features to revisit selected questions.
  • Evaluate yourself with your friends in quiz statistics on the leadership board.
  • Practice selected questions for your exams.

If you want to practice more questions, we also have question banks for CISA course available at our website:

CISA Largest Domain wise Question Bank Quiz

Also, there is Project Work required to be submitted during DISA PT which have a weightage of 10 marks in your DISA course and a Viva is taken on the basis of that project report which also contains 10 marks. You can see some sample DISA 3.0 Project Report on our website

 So here we have told you everything related to how you have to prepare for your DISA ICAI exams.

if you have any query related to DISA ICAI course you can post your query on our DISA doubt forum on the link:  

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Also you can see our video on Strategy to prepare for DISA 3.0 Exams.