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CISA Selected Domain wise Question Bank Quiz

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CISA Largest Domain wise Question Bank Quiz
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Steps for CISA (ISACA)​

About Course

CISA is a world-renowned Information System audit based course issued by ISACA based in the U.S. and is the best option for CA’s who are confused that what after CA. The course is designed to bring the best risk-based information system auditor in you.


The CISA designation is awarded to individuals with an interest in Information Systems auditing, control and security who meet the following requirements:

Earn a passing score on the CISA exam

Adhere to the ISACA Code of Professional Ethics

Commit to abide by the CISA Continuing Professional Education Policy

Acquire a minimum of 5 years of professional information systems auditing, control or security work experience (as described in the job practice areas). Substitutions and waivers of such experience may be obtained if certain education and general IS or audit experience requirements are met.

Comply with Information Systems Auditing Standards


You can apply or register to take the CISA exams on the ISACA website

If you have not already created an ICASA account, do so now. You will need it to register for the exam.

Sign in using your account and register to begin your 12-month testing window. You’ll start by filling in some personal information and paying your registration fee. You must choose “pay now” in order to begin the scheduling process.

As soon as your registration fee has been paid, you’ll receive an email with a link to schedule the CISA exam. Click on that link to begin.


After you have thoroughly prepped and studied for the exam, it’s time to register for and schedule your exam. When you sign up for the CISA exam in 2021, you will register as explained above, and also pay the fee (explained below).

After you have properly registered and paid, if you choose an in-person exam, you just show up on the testing day ready to go. You will have four hours to complete the entire test and there will be breaks for going to the bathroom or getting water. If you choose the remote online option, you will receive further instructions for accessing the exam at the proper day and time.


ICASA MemberNon-Member
US $575US $760

The online registration process will let you register for an exam, and purchase study aids and an ISACA membership. This membership will immediately provide significant exam-related discounts, as noted above for the CISA exam fee. The final step of the process will enable you to pay online using a credit card or indicate that payment will follow by check or wire.

Exam registration fees are non-refundable and non-transferable.


ISACA uses a 200-800 point scale to score the CISA exam. You need to score at least 450 to pass. A scaled score is the conversion of the raw score to a common scale. This is confusing to some people. However, what you really need to know is that it is not based on a percentage or average, or on arithmetic.

A score of 800 represents a perfect score. This would mean you answered all 150 questions correctly. The lowest scaled score possible is 200, which means that only a small number of the test questions were answered correctly.

The passing score of 450 or higher represents a minimum consistent standard of knowledge, according to the ISACA Certification Committee. It means you have answered the minimum number of questions to show that you have the practical knowledge needed for the job task.

With this passing score and meeting the other requirements, you can apply for CISA certification.


What is the process for CISA certification after you have taken the CISA exam? Once you’ve completed the exam, you can breathe a big sigh of relief. Most of the hard part is over!

The studying, the test prep, and even the fees are all behind you now. Provided you passed, there is an application you need to fill out to get your actual certification.

Once you have passed the CISA exam, you can fill out this certification application and send it in with the required documents. There is a $50 fee for the certification, due when you apply.