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Legal Drafting

Original price was: ₹3,199.00.Current price is: ₹2,499.00.

Businesses operate in a very dynamic environment. Right from inception, a business transacts with numerous stakeholders who can be co-founders, customers, business partners, vendors, investors among others.

C Drafting Legal documents – Notices, Documents, Contracts (1 no)
C Covers Employment documents, Property documents, Personal Contracts, Third Party Contracts among others
C 2 Reviews before final delivery

J Any business entity or individual

‰ Purchase of Plan
‰ Expert Assigned
‰ Share requirements with Expert
‰ Upload documents on vault
‰ First draft prepared
‰ Review the draft in two cycles
‰ Download your final copy
Estimated Time – 4 days

, The documents required to be shared will depend upon the agreement/contract/notice to be drafted and shall be communicated on having an understanding of your case by our experts.

Ø Frequently Asked Questions.
Ø Which type of documents can be drafted under the plan?
Ø The plan is designed to help people and businesses draft documents such as agreements, notices, deeds etc with help of legal professionals such as legal consultants, Company Secretaries, Experts etc. The legal documents include but are not limited to:
Ø Employment Documents
Ø Employment offer letter,
Ø Appointment letter,
Ø Direct Selling Agent Letter, Consultant or Freelancer Engagement letter
Ø Property Documents
Ø Sale/Purchase Deed
Ø Gift Deed
Ø Residential/Commercial Rental Agreement
Ø Joint Ownership Agreement
Ø NOC by property owner, Notice to vacate tenant, Notice for payment of rent
Ø Company Agreements
Ø Co-Founder Agreement
Ø Share Purchase/Transfer
Ø Invitation Bid
Ø Secretarial compliance
Ø Board Resolution
Ø Notices of meetings
Ø Minutes of meetings
Ø Arbitration Contracts
Ø Personal
Ø Consumer Complaint
Ø Notice against non payment of cheque
Ø Settlement against road accident
Ø Power of Attorney
Ø Affidavit
Ø Franchise
Ø Catalog enquiry
Ø Information Technology Related-IT
Ø Website maintenance/development/terms and conditions/Privacy Policy agreements,
Ø Cloud computing Service
Ø Software distribution/development
Ø Server support service agreement
Ø Third Party Contracts
Ø Agency agreement
Ø Plant and Machinery Lease
Ø Breach of contract Notice and intimation
Ø Copyright assignment/breach
Ø Who are the professionals who will be drafting the legal documents?
Ø ProKhata taps into its wide network of legal consultants, property experts and tax experts. Our team of Experts, Company Secretaries, Advocates and other legal consultants brings with them years of experience in their respective domains of specialisation.
Ø Do all agreements need to be notarized? Is stamp duty to be paid on every legal document?
Ø Some documents such as Real Estate property deed need to be notarized where the documents are presented in front of a notary designated person. Such documents can be enforced in court of law only if they have been notarized and stamp duty of appropriate value has been paid. Some states allow e-stamping too.
Ø There are some agreements and other legal documents that need not be acknowledged before a notary public unless specifically required by state or municipal law.
Ø Under the plan our experts will prepare a draft which will be shared with you. Make sure you share all your specifications and expectations and review the draft carefully. At end of process you will receive a soft copy of final draft which you may use as need be. We do not cover notary and stamp duty charges in this package.