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Managed Payroll Services (Enterprise)


If your company’s employee strength exceeds 100, it can be even more difficult to manage and track pay slips, expense claims, TDS, leaves and professional tax returns for every employee. Streamline your payroll services with ProKhata to resolve all this in one move. We will also provide free and customized Form 16 at the end of the year, if you opt for this plan. This plan is suitable for large businesses or enterprises (with 100+ employees).

C Monthly payroll for 100 employees and above
C Payroll Management
C Leave Management
C ESS portal
C Attendance Management
C Expense Claim Management
C TDS , PT , PF return
C Form 16 for the year

J Large Business
J Busineese having high employee numbers ( more than 100)

‰ Purchase the Plan
‰ Update all details connected to Payroll by the end of every month in the software and have a visual acess to it.
‰ Get Payroll including leave and attendance well managed, Payslips for all employees, PT, PF returns and TDS (24Q) complaince
Estimated Time – 365 days

, The documents needed shall depend on the service you need at a particular point of time. The same shall be communicated to you by our experts based on your requirements.

Ø Frequently Asked Questions.
Ø What is Payroll Management?
Ø The payroll management process, in a nutshell, refers to the process of administration of a company’s employee’s financial records. This would include details of the employee’s salaries, incentives, bonuses, deductions, and net pay. An employer must maintain and keep these records as dictated by the law. Not complying with the Income Tax laws pertaining to employee records can be grounds for legal consequences.
Ø What are the the essential Features of Payroll Management Software?
Ø Should be able to generate automatic payrolls Should help in creating accurate and fast Invoices and quotes Should be useful in filing Tax forms Must contain basic tax reporting tools Must contain tools for Vendor and contractor payments Should be easy to integrate with other in-house software Should make compliance easier
Ø What is a payroll management system?
Ø It is a system used by the companies to help handle the computation and maintenance of records of employee’s salaries in an efficient and effective manner. The information is all collated in one place which makes report generation easier.
Ø What is the added advantage of using Managed Payroll Services (Enterprise)?
Ø When an organisation increases in size, management of the various aspects becomes key since it can either make or mar the future of it. Managed Payroll Services (Enterprise) offers a bouquet of services for organisations which helps in offloading the burden of the organisations in this area.
Ø What would be the assurance as regards statutory compliance?
Ø Statutory compliance is an ever changing area which requires significant expertise.Our team of experts is constantly sharpening their knowledge to ensure it adheres to the applicable rules and regulation.
Ø Will the employee information provided by the company(client) be secure?
Ø Yes, we adhere to the industry specified level of security for all data provided by the company.