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Ready for ISA 3.0 AT Exam? Wondering About Important Questions? Discover Our Topic-Wise Approach!

Hey CA members,

With the DISA exam just around the corner, the question on everyone’s mind is: where can we find those crucial questions to prep effectively? The dilemma arises from the fa1ct that many consider past exam questions as gold, but unfortunately, we don’t have access to them. Why? Well, during the AT exam, which is the final ISA 3.0 Exam conducted at the center, once you complete your paper, you’re required to submit both the question paper and the OMR sheet. As a result, the questions remain a mystery.

So, what’s the solution? Instead of chasing after individual questions, let’s shift our focus to topics. After each ISA 3.0 AT exam, we survey CA members to identify the recurring topics. While members may not recall specific questions, they can certainly pinpoint the topics covered. By compiling this collective knowledge, we’ve discovered that certain topics are consistently repeated in the exams.

Our approach? We’ve decided to create topic-wise quizzes, steering away from the quest for specific questions. Take the example of the “Audit Charter” topic. We’ve meticulously gathered as many related questions as possible and formatted them into quizzes on our website’s dashboard.

Upon opening a topic-wise quiz, you’ll find short notes and revisions related to the topic. After watching lectures to solidify your understanding, the quiz allows you to reinforce your knowledge by solving related questions. This structured approach boosts your confidence in thoroughly preparing each topic and progressing through your chapters and modules systematically.

About Important Questions: Instead of the elusive quest for a set of important questions, focus on our topic-wise quizzes available exclusively on We’ve covered a total of 700 important topics with 2900 questions, eliminating the need for endless searches. Don’t waste time; head straight to the topic-wise-quiz on our website and start solving. Thank you for your attention, and happy studying!

DISA 3.0 important Topics Question bank

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