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1200X500 Testimonial Post 1

I had completed my professional training for the DISA course in the year 2019 and after a gap of 2.5 years i again started for the appearance of ET test.
I passed my ISA 2 DISA exam in the first attempt securing 133 marks. The credit goes to CA. Rajat Agarwal who was instrumental in advising me to purchase the Data Bank of which helped me to revise the DISA multiple choice several times and later the CISA multiple choice under the guidance of CA. Rajat Agarwal.
I would also advise students that questions appearing in the final AT exam will be little different from DISA question bank.
Hence one need to have good command on the optical aspect of study so that any strange questions they can answer easily. This happened in this attempt when i appeared.
Mock exam conducted by CA. Rajat Agarwal just before one week before the AT exam will actually help the students to gain confidence to appear for the final AT. Three such mock is being conducted.

We should all be fortunate to have such a good professor/ mentor to guide us for the exam.
I thank CA. Rajat Agarwal once again since after 2.5 years i was not knowing what to do but then timely awareness of ProKhata product saved me in passing the DISA in first attempt.

203268 Subhramanian


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