possible costs associated with becoming CISA certified in INDIA

What are all of the possible costs associated with becoming CISA certified in INDIA?

Costs to obtain and maintain an ISACA certification vary based on membership status and personal preference for study materials and training selections. At the highest level, being certified involves passing an exam, applying for certification, and maintaining your certification. Each of these components has costs associated with them. Here is how they break out between those that are required and those that are optional: 

Fee Structure

Exam Registration Fee

$575 for members and $760 for non-members

Note: If you are unable to take an exam during the 365-day eligibility period you will forfeit your exam fees.

Application Processing Fee

$50 for members and non-members

This is paid when you are ready to apply after passing the exam.

Annual Maintenance Fee

$45 for members and $85 for non-members

If you have a 3rd or 4th ISACA certification, the fee for those will be reduced. The first two certifications will remain at the $45/$85 

Please see the chart below for details. Customers with: 

1 or 2 certifications will see no price change

3 certifications will be billed at a new reduced price for each certification

4 or more certifications, the total cost is capped at $125 for members

4 or more certifications, the total cost is capped at $240 for non-members

CISA certified in INDIA Fee structure

Your first maintenance fee will be due by 1 January of the calendar year following when you became certified. For example, if you become certified anytime during 2018, your first maintenance fee will be due 1 January 2019, which will renew your certification for the entire year of 2019.

Required member costs for one certification: $625 plus a recurring $45 annual maintenance fee

Required non-member costs for one certification: $810 plus a recurring $85 annual maintenance fee


ISACA Membership

$145 for basic dues and chapter dues (chapter dues vary depending on where you live/work and they are calculated at check out.)

Becoming an ISACA member will save you money on study materials, training courses, exam registration fees and annual maintenance fees.

Study Materials

Available options will range anywhere from $60-$895

For specific pricing, use the search bar to find the training material you are interested in (note you can filter the results on the left side of search results). The cost will depend on the exam you are studying for, how you wish to study and whether you are a member or non-member


Lastly, there can be additional, miscellaneous costs that are incurred depending on individual outcomes and choices: 

Continuing Professional Education (CPE) Hours

Costs will vary depending on the events or activities you wish to participate in.

ISACA Members can earn CPEs for free through webinars and ISACA Journal quizzes.

You are required to earn a minimum of 20 CPEs per year and a minimum of 120 CPEs over a 3-year cycle.

Exam Rescore – $75 for members and non-members

If for any reason you wish for your exam to be rescored, you have the option to make that request. However, please understand that all official exam scores go through a series of quality control checks to preserve the integrity of our exams and certifications.

Reinstatement Fee – $50 for members and non-members

If your certification goes through the unfortunate process of revocation due to non-compliance of the requirements to renew, there is a fee associated with reinstating your certification. This reinstatement fee is in additional to any maintenance fees owed and CPE hours owed.

Yearly Chapter Dues in India

ChapterRenewing Professional MemberNew Professional MemberStudent MemberRetired MemberRecent Graduate Member
New Delhi1515505

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