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CAB – Concurrent Audit of Banks Course in Prokhata

About CAB Course

Concurrent Audit of Banks (CAB) is a course that provides an understanding of the audit process of banks. It is essential for professionals who are involved in banking and financial services. The course is conducted by various institutions in India and aims to provide practical knowledge to the learners.

Prokhata Quiz for CAB

To assist students in their preparation for the CAB course, Prokhata has created a quiz that includes 1200 unique questions. The quiz is available on the Prokhata website, and students can take it as many times as they want.

Coverage of Quiz Questions

The quiz includes questions on various topics such as the banking industry, regulations, policies, and procedures, audit processes, and fraud detection. The questions are designed to test the students’ knowledge and understanding of the CAB course and to help them prepare for the exam.

Benefits of the Quiz

The quiz can be beneficial for students as it helps them test their knowledge and understanding of the CAB course. The quiz is also helpful for students who have completed the course and want to revise the concepts.

One of the significant benefits of the quiz is that it provides immediate feedback to the students. The students can assess their performance, identify areas of improvement, and work on them. Additionally, the quiz is structured in such a way that it helps students revise the concepts in a short amount of time.

Special Note for CAB Students

Topic: Special Note for Students It is essential to note that the Prokhata quiz is not a substitute for the CAB course. Students should not rely solely on the quiz to prepare for the exam. Instead, the quiz should be used as a tool to supplement their learning and revise the concepts.


Moreover, students should take the quiz seriously and aim to improve their performance each time they take it. They should also use the feedback provided by the quiz to identify their weak areas and work on them. By doing so, students can increase their chances of passing the CAB exam.


In conclusion, the Prokhata quiz is an excellent resource for students who are preparing for the CAB course. The quiz provides students with a platform to test their knowledge and understanding of the course. The quiz is structured in a way that it covers all the important topics of the course, and the students can revise the concepts quickly. By taking the quiz, students can identify their strengths and weaknesses and work on them. Overall, the Prokhata quiz is a valuable tool that can help students succeed in the CAB course.


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