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Disa FAQs

About DISA course.

Q. What approach should I follow to pass the DISA course in the ICAI?

Ans. I applied and completed the DISA course recently in the first attempt

During the classes i used to listen carefully and try to highlight important points in Modules itself with highlighter

During the module exams i used to study modules completely & also i covered the questions given on the DISA DVD – Completed all modules test and project work with 62/80 marks – to get this marks i never stressed by reading the modules and hundreds of question and answers ( I just listened to the classes and tried to understand the concepts as above said i highlighted the important points)

Because parallel study in the class itself i saved lot of time so that i have taken only two days to revise the Modules before attempting the Eligibility Test – I completed this test with 106/120 Marks

Assessment Test(Final Test) – after that i stuck with my outstation audits – whether u believe or not i did not get a time to revise the sufficient time revise all the modules

On the day of exam early in the morning i sat for three hours and read the all highlighted points in all modules which helped me a lot i completed my assessment Test with 141/200 Marks

Important Things

Please try to highlight the Important paras in each chapter and each module – this saves lot of time

Take Module tests little serious – try to complete the entire syllabus for Eligibility test itself, so that u no need stress much for Assessment Test

If u take Classes soo easy iam telling you it is very difficult to read all modules again

All the Best !!

Q. If I enroll myself for ISA 3.0 by tomorrow and if able to clear ET by November,  then shall i be able to write AT exam in coming December.

Ans. No you won’t be able to give ISA Eligibility test as ISA professional training is must before ISA Eligibility Test.

Q. Is there any attendance related requirements in DISA course??

Ans. Minimum attendance required to successfully complete DISA Professional Training is 90% i.e. you have to attend at least 17 classes of DISA Professional Training out of 18 held.

Q. What is the fees for CA DISA course??

Ans. DISA course fees details:
Physical batch: Rs.14000
Virtual batch: Rs.10000

Q. Are the any exam fees charged for CA DISA exams?

Ans. Students enrolling for ISA Eligibility test for first attempt are no required to pay any fees, whereas , Rs.500/- will be charged for all subsequent attempts.
For filling of Online Examination application form for appearing  ISA Assessment Test, a candidate has to remit a exam fee of Rs.2000/- (Rupees Two thousand only).

Q. Can you please guide how many time one can give Eligibility and Assessment test if he fails in first… Is there any maximum limit or Time limit??

Ans. One can give Eligibility Test and Assessment Test until he/she pass. There is No limits.
But to clear in very first attempt join courses offered by us at our website

Q. Can anyone tell me about ISA 2.0 & ISA 3.0 syllabus??

Ans. We have designed ISA chartbook for providing overview of ISA syllabus through colorful charts. You will find it at

Q. Rajat sir
plz clr whether u will also support in project report. as today i hv to submit project report on the topic : Audit of Outsourced Software Development. i am able to view other topics but not this topic in ur prokhata plz guide me.

We already provided sample project report. You will find it at

Q. Can you please guide how many time one can give DISA ET exam and DISA AT exam if he fails in first… Is there any maximum limit or Time limit??

Ans. No, there is no such limits for giving DISA ET exams or DISA AT exams. However, if you want to clear DISA ET exams and DISA AT exams in very first attempt, you can take our video lectures from

Mandatory to give viva.

Q. Could anyone please tell me about the project work and viva conducted during training classes.
And about the three module test which is organized online by ICAI.


Viva is taken from your project work. You should be through with contents written in your project..


1:- Have an understanding of all the terms used in your project. They ask questions on terms used in project

2:- Prepare a set of probable 15-20 questions which u would ask to someone as if u are taking viva. You will find all these questions in viva.

3:- Since viva is taken in group but in front of whole batch.. you need not to worry much ,everyone are just like us, everybody has copied it from internet. Even the faculty knows this fact.. They test your basic understanding of project to check. The primary objective is to ascertain whether a candidate has copied blindly or not?

For example:- My project was on IS audit of CBS.

So question they asked :-

1:- What is CBS?

Now I started explaining them then a word came out from me “Controls”

2:- what are controls and can u categories them?

3:- what controls deficiency u have identified in your project?

In nutshell,

1:- Be very clear with the findings/observations/comments given in your project.

90% questions will be asked on these findings.

2:- you will asked to explain these findings and how did your overcome these

Q. Can anyone tell about the three module test which is organized online by ICAI??


First your have to pay your fee and enroll for DISA in

Then do the eLearning of DISA available on after completing eLearning you will get option to appear for test there itself. Appear and pass the exam

Then enroll for any of the ISA Professional training batches in PQC portal

There will be three class tests-60marks, 1project-10marks, 1 Viva- 10marks during PT.

You have to score 60% i.e. 48marks to qualify for ISA-ET test.

Then give ISA-Eligibility test

After passing ISA Eligibility Test give  ISA Assessment Test

Overall 48 marks in test project and viva is sufficient to be eligible for ISA Eligibility Test…not required to pass individually test project or viva…

For DISA sample project reports check our website

We are providing full fledged course for every level of CA DISA course at our website

Q. Any idea about the project work , What type of project is given ??

Ans. DISA 3.0 Project Report on:

1.       IS Audit of Banking Application
2.       Migrating to cloud based ERP solution
3.       Security control review of railway reservation system
4.       Review of cyber security policies and procedure
5.       Security and control risk assessment of toll bridge operations
6.       System audit of a hospital automation system
7.       Review of vendor proposal for SaaS services
8.       Information Systems audit of a mutual fund systems
9.       Audit of outsourced software development
10.   Network security audit of remote operations including WFH
11.   Infrastructure audit of a Bank data Centre
12.   Conducting vulnerability assessment and penetration testing
13.   Auditing Business continuity plan for Manufacturing system
14.   Assessing risk and formulating policy for mobile computing
15.   Auditing robotic process automation system
16.   Implementation of adequate governance in hotel management system
17.   Outsourced migration audit of merger of Banks
18.   Audit of an E-Commerce web site
19.   Audit of Online booking system for a hotel chain
20.   Audit of Business Continuity Planning of a financial institution
21.   Audit of online brokerage firm
22.   Audit of Security Operation Centre of a Bank
23.   Audit of Cyber Security Framework of a PSB
25.   Auditing SWIFT operations in a Bank
26.   Project Report Template and Guidelines on Project Report Submission
27.   Information Systems Audit of ERP Software
28.   Implementing Grc As Per Clause 49 Listing Requirements
29.   Review of IT Security Policies and Procedures in audit
30.   Evaluation Of Software Development Project
31.   Auditing Business Continuity Plan
Disa General Queries

Q. Is DISA ET exam & DISA AT exam held online or offline?

Ans. DISA exam pattern:
DISA ET exam is held in Online mode
DISA AT exam is held in offline mode. Candidates have to go to exam centers for this exam.

Q. Can you please guide how many time one can give DISA ET exam and DISA AT exam if he fails in first… Is there any maximum limit or Time limit??

Ans. No, there is no such limits for giving DISA ET exams or DISA AT exams. However, if you want to clear DISA ET exams and DISA AT exams in very first attempt, you can take our video lectures from

How to Register For ISA 3.0?

Q. How do I register for DISA ICAI course?


To register for DISA ICAI course, see the video given below. You can also visit our website for more details.

Strategy to Clear DISA 1st Attempt

Q. How to proceed for Preparing for DISA Exam?
What are the strategies to clear DISA ICAI exams at very 1st attempts.

Ans. Now the question is when should a person start preparing for the exam?
As we all know most of the professionals work round the clock and do not get any time in hand to sit and prepare for the course.
Thus it becomes utterly necessary to plan in advance so that our working hours do not become a hindrance in our success.
For faster and better preparation, lectures for ISA 2.0 & ISA 3.0 are available at our website
We provide lectures as well as study materials which will help you to clear your DISA exams in very first attempt and also save your time for preparations.

Q. What should be the strategy for preparation of CA DISA exam?

Ans. Watch this complete *Strategy* to clear *ISA 3.0* in first attempt –

It includes:

1. What sequence to be followed.

2. How much time is required.

3. How to practice questions.

4. Procedure of complete course.

5. How to cover complete course in less time.

6. How to purchase the course

7. How to access the quiz.

8. What is the syllabus.

Get all your doubt cleared in *7 minutes* .

Disa Video Lecture Doubts

Q. Are E-learning videos for DISA ET exams?


Firstly e-learning modules and ET Tests are different,
secondly, there are total of 4 tests.
For more information watch this video :

Q. How important is the ISA E-learning module since in marks weightage you have given zero marks to ISA E Learning module. Please suggest?

Ans. DISA Module 4 chapter 3 contains all the concepts of ISA 3.0 e-learning like software, DBMS and networking. So it is not out of the syllabus but practicing 500 approx. questions for just one chapter is not feasible that’s why I am not advising to practice e-learning questions, just clear your basics with e-leaning content i.e. Module 0. It will also help you to understand many other chapters of DISA Module 5 like network controls.

Q. Sir I have cleared ISA ET in 2014.
Can I apply for AT Test under DISA 2.0 or again I have to clear DISA ET under DISA 3.0 ?
Kindly clarify.

Ans. Yes you can apply for DISA AT exam , but under DISA 3.0 course. You don’t have to give DISA ET under DISA 3.0 again.
You can apply for ISA 2.0 only no need to give ET again. June 22 is last attempt for old course i.e ISA 2.0,
for more info visit

Q. Will we get your video lectures in pen-drive? How many views are provided to us?

Ans. No, DISA video classes are provided in google drive.
There are no limits on views.

Q. I have purchased your course for DISA 3.0. I have already cleared DISA ET exam with the help of your quiz questions. I need a bit of detail learning for DISA AT exam. Is there any short module-wise DISA video classes available in your website? If yes, how to access it?

Ans. It is better to go for full syllabus for DISA AT exam rather than any shortcut. Still to reduce your time you can watch my lectures in faster speed. In that way you can complete full course in minimum time possible.

Q. Sir do we need to attend the lectures organized by ICAI compulsorily or can we skip that and see your DISA video classes only?

Ans. You have to give your attendance there. 90% attendance is compulsory for ISA PT.
Rest studies you can do with my DISA video classes only.

Q. I want to buy this course, please sir can you confirm the validity of this course??

Ans. Valid for 6 months

Q. Hi Rajat sir, if I take your DISA 3.0 classes then will I get physical study material like charts, study material and mock test paper or not, please confirm.

Ans. No, we only provide soft copy of Colorful chart-Book study material.

Q. 1. is it module-wise or Random?
2. should I wait till the whole module is completed or I can practice it simultaneously with the videos.

In prokhata there are 2 varieties of question sets
1. Module-wise Quiz – it should be done after completing each module.
2. Module-wise MTP Quiz – it should also be done after completing each module but it contains advance questions.

Disa Registration Process ICAI

1. Register

For New ISA 3.0 Course Registration

First step in ISA Post Qualification Course is Subscribe the course
Payment of fees to be done at the time of opting for Professional Training.

2. E-Learning

Completion of ISA E-Learning and ISA E-Learning Assessment Test:

Before starting the Professional Training classes member has to complete the ISA Course 3.0 E-Learning at

1. Member subscribes to Registration batch and completes Elearning (Unstructured_DAAB_Information System Audit(DISA_3.0)

2. Then go to Registration Batch (PQC-_Information System Audit3.0_Registration Batch)

Process to enroll in ISA 3.0 Professional Training Course
3. E-Learning Test

Please note that after completing the E-Learning of 20 hours it is mandatory to undergo ISA E- learning Assessment Test which is automatically enabled after completion of all the chapters of E-learning.

In case the member is not able to qualify in first attempt then he/she may give four more attempts. After completing the E-Learning test member is eligible to apply for Professional Training classes organized in virtual as well as physical mode.

4. Professional Training

Please Click on Batch you wish to enroll in:

Process to enroll in ISA 3.0 Professional Training Course

Professional Training classes for 18 days in case of virtual mode: As you may be aware, ISA Post Qualification Course consist of Professional Training (PT) of 72 hours which is generally organized in virtual as well as physical mode. Please note that there will be 18 classes in virtual mode and the name of the modules which are to be covered are as under:[/caption]

90% attendance is mandatory for completing the Professional Training classes i.e. out of 18 classes a member has to attend at least 17 classes to complete the Professional Training.

Other requirements of the ISA Professional training classes:

Module Test

Three Module Tests of 20 Marks each (30 minutes duration) will be organized online through test for the morning virtual batches will be conducted on the 06th, 12th & 18th day from 02:00 – 06:00 PM, and the test for evening batches will be conducted on the 07th, 13th & 19th day from 10:00 AM – 02:00 PM. The test will be available in your login under the Professional Training tab.

(Note: Member who misses the Module test will not be allowed to take the test again; except owing to exceptional circumstances and that too only with approval of the Secretary, Digital Accounting & Assurance Board)

Project Report

A project work is also allocated to all the participants in a group of three and this project will also be of 20 marks (Project Work 10 Marks and VIVA of 10 Marks).

Sample Project Report

5. Eligibility Test (ET)

After completing the ISA Professional Training with minimum marks

(Total 60% i.e. 48 out of 80) in Module Tests and Project Work,

you have to register online for the ISA Eligibility Test that is generally organized on Second Saturday of May/ November.

Weightage for qualifying ISA ET:

 WeightageMax. Marks
Class Tests + Project Work4880
Eligibility Test72120
 Passing criteria is 60% in aggregate i.e. 72 Marks 

Candidates enrolling for ISA ET for the first attempt are not required to pay any fees whereas Rs. 500/- will be charged for all the subsequent attempts.

CPE Hours: After the successful completion of the ISA Professional Training with 90% percent attendance the members are awarded with 25 CPE hours. The remaining 5 CPE hours are awarded after the successful clearance of ISA AT Exam.

6. Assessment Test (AT)

After completing ISA ET with minimum marks, you have to register online for the ISA Assessment that is conducted by the Examination Department of the Institute.

It is important to note that members have to fill the ISA AT Form issued/hosted on by the Examination Department.

Total Marks: 200, passing criteria is 60% marks flat.

After passing the ISA AT, DISA Certificates are dispatched by the exam department in 2 months